Paintball Bachelor Parties

Bachelor Parties are a blast at Basics Paintball

bachelor parties that brides will approve of

The last thing you want to do before a wedding is tick off the bride. Let’s have the only shooting be the guys!

Bride Approved Entertainment

bachelor party best man paintball

Everyone wants to prove the are the best man. What better way than some friendly competition!?

The Guys Will have a blast

A paintball bachelor party is an event that the group will never forget. Now we get to see who really is the best man!

And wat Basics Paintball, no nasty bruises before the wedding pictures!

Paintball Bachelor Parties Are The Best!

Located just east of Baton Rouge, Basics Paintball is the ultimate bachelor party venue. Bring the guys out and spend an afternoon shooting it up! The nice thing about our low impact paintball bachelor parties is you won’t end up with big bruises or welts on your body before the wedding pictures! It’s all the fun without the pain and that makes it perfect for the guys to blow off some steam before the big day. If you want your bachelor party to include food, we can help with that too! So round up the guys and have a bachelor party like no other and bring all the guys out for a day of paintball!

During our Normal Schedule

If you are the guy in charge of making a bachelor party happen, you have found the best option! Bring the guys out for an unforgettable send off! Some say paintball stings a bit – but with our low impact and medium impact paintball options, this is less painful than marriage!

Need special scheduling for your party?

We can handle that too. We an schedule you for non-open hours if you want to get in some paintball before the other customers show up. Pricing starts at just $29.50 per person on up depending on the paint package you want.

Pizza Delivery

Want food?

No Problem!

We have 2 nearby pizza places that will deliver to our location.