Why do Nerf when you can do Gelly Ball
Ultra Low Impact!

Not ready for our low impact paintball? No problem, we also have GellyBall parties!

GellyBall is more fun than Nerf, Less impact than Paintball. Perfect for Birthday Parties.

What do kids want for a party?


They get to play Nerf At Home - Let them do something new and exciting!

GellyBall is more fun than Nerf and Less Mess than Paintball!
The perfect solution for your childs birthday party!

Ages 6 and up!

More Fun than nerf!

No staining or mess

Use our tables for your party!

Your party will have use of one of our party pavilions for 2 hours. Bottled water and paper goods will be available at no additional charge. You are welcome to bring in outside food and beverage.

Nerf party with cake

GellyBall Games for all Ages

Kids tell you they love Nerf Wars, but that’s just because it’s the only gun you allow them to shoot at the house!  Your kids will have the best time running around on our fields with our professional hosts / referees guiding them through a variety of games with GellyBall Blasters that are more fun to shoot than any Nerf Gun!

They can play the same types of games they do with Nerf, like Capture the Sword, and Freeze Tag are two of the favorites! It’s just more fun with GellyBall guns as you don’t have to cock them each time. You just squeeze the trigger!

We will have the kids running around and let them work up an appetite. You can then use our pavilions for finishing the birthday party with food and presents.

The Perfect Option for Younger Players as there is virtually No Sting!

Gelly Ball Blasters use a soft gel ball, much like Orbeez that your kids probably already play with! Shot from the easy to use Blasters, the soft Gelly Balls bounce off kids leaving no stain, mess or sting.  Unlike Nerf guns where the players have to constantly reload with ammo off the floor, a Gelly Ball Blaster holds 750 shots without reloading! Just pull the trigger and they shoot! Easy even for 6 year olds to use.

Pizza Delivery

Want food?

No Problem!

We have 2 nearby pizza places that will deliver to our location.