Low Impact Paintball
& Medium Impact Paintball

Does it hurt? Probably the number one question we get, and the answer is, “It doesn’t have to!” By using a lower velocity and smaller paintballs, you can participate in a Low Impact or Medium Impact paintball experience.  It used to be just the younger kids wanted it, but now most everyone is asking for low or medium impact paintball. It’s all the excitement, all the fun, just 1/3 the sting!

Because fun does not have to hurt!

What is .50 caliber?

The Caliber of a paintball is the diameter. You can see that a .50 caliber (1/2 inch in diameter) is much smaller than a .68 caliber paintball. Smaller diameter means less mass so less energy when you are shot. 

Think of it this way, would you rather someone throw a pebble or a rock at you? This helps us create a Low Impact experience for our players. Especially with slight modifications to the game and the protective equipment you have on.

.50 Caliber Low Impact

 Special game rules and operating procedures will be required. Velocity will be further reduced. All players will be required to wear a protective vest that we will provide. Youngest player must be at least 7 years old.

low impact paintball games for all ages

.50 Caliber Medium Impact

Standard Paintball rules apply. However, velocity will be reduced. Youngest player must be at least 9 years old.

What is the best?

Note: Each of these methods of play offer an authentic paintball experience. It is important that players are introduced to the sport of paintball at a level that is appropriate for their age. Our staff will work with you to help select the best method for you group.

Paintballs can sting or leave a welt regardless of method of play. While some people are fine with shorts or a t-shirt, full coverage is a good idea to reduce or eliminate the sting of getting shot. Proper attire is recommended!

Our Groups Love Low Impact!

And so will you! Try it for an entirely new and exiting paintball experience.

Small Groups

We keep our low impact users only playing against other low impact groups for maximum fun!

Group Getting Read to play

Medium Groups

Bring a group of 10 or more, and your group can play low impact by themselves! A great outing for any type of group!

Large Groups

The lower impact format is very popular with corporate team building groups. No one wants to return to the office with bruises!