Laser Tag Parties have lost their luster.

Laser Tag just is not as cool as it's cracked up to be!

It really doesn't look like Star Wars! The guns don't shoot lasers!

The main reason people ask for laser tag is they are afraid paintball will hurt!

Want to know the truth?!  It Can!  That’s why at Basics, besides our low impact paintball we have two other alternatives to Standard Paintball or Laser Tag.

Got your own Nerf Blaster? Great! If not, we'll supply them!

Nerf Games for all Ages

Kids love their Nerf blasters! And they love having Nerf Battles! Your kids will have the best time running around on our fields with our professional hosts / referees guiding them through a variety of games.

No paint mess, no sting, and you get to see something shoot out of the gun, unlike laser tag where you just may see a blinking light.

This is the newest neatest alternative to laser tag games!

The newest Laser Tag Alternative

Shoot Little Gel Balls

The ammo is little ball that is soft – which means when you get hit, they don’t hurt! You will now it, it has enough energy so you feel it, but even getting shot from 5 feet away is no big deal!  Less than a snap with a rubber band. But these guns are so much fun!!!

They can shoot 15 gellyballs a second!  And they fly real straight – so you can aim and watch them connect with your enemy!

Even if you come for some other activity, you have to shoot one of these – you will be amazed and hooked. The newest thing in fun for ages 5 and up.