Corporate Team Building Paintball
near baton rouge

Wake Up The Office!

Now you can shoot the boss! A Hostile Takeover!

The nice thing about a company team building paintball party is everyone is on a level playing field!

Aren't you tired of the same old game?

Paintball brings so many aspects to the table, it makes it the ultimate company team building event. Work on cooperation, team work and communication to achieve goals and beat the opposition. It sounds a lot like your normal day of business, except now you can shoot at each other! Located just east of Baton Rouge, our paintball field will let your company come together for some camaraderie and without even noticing, they will mesh and work together improving the work environment for weeks to come. The perfect corporate event!

Golf? Yawn.

Let’s be honest. There are a few guys that play a lot of golf at your company. So if you have a corporate team building outing – they always win! Let’s shake this up and do something completely new that every one can participate in and everyone starts on a level playing field!

Let us help with your event!

Corporate Team Building Paintball is one of the areas that is our specialty. We’ve seen groups from 6 to 60 people coming and shooting paintballs. If your company wants an outing near Baton Rouge that will be talked about for weeks to come, book a corporate team building paintball party!

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